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Please excuse our website as we re-build it. Thanks!

Our updates will be completed soon! Our business is built on providing tech solutions that are effective and get quality results. We appreciate your suggestions that improve our service to you. We look forward to talking with you soon. Thanks and have a fabulous day!

We offer "Pay As You Go" plans, and Monthly Service plans.  Its up to you!

Some businesses only need occasional tech support. We call that situation our "Pay As You Go" plan. Other businesses need monthly maintenance plans. We will customize a plan to fit your needs.

  • You control the services you pay us for and still get the results you need. 
  • No need for unnecessary visits and we manage your tech support needs at affordable prices. 
  • From repairs, to internet problems, virus removal, password protection, and more.

There are a thousand different situations we have resolved. We always get your desired results, or, you do not owe us for our work. Doing business with us is as simple as that!

Our Services

Website Design and Web Management Services

In today's world, your website is your “Business Card”.  Your "Business's Website" is your company's best salesperson.  In today's world, many people will first interview your business on your website to decide if they will consider doing business with you.  It saves them

Virus Removal and Virus Protection is a detailed process

This repair should be done 100% correct the first time.  First, we save and backup your files, etc.  Then we completely erase the hard drive to remove all virus, old files, etc.  We install windows and all the latest Service Pack updates back to factory standards on your computers.

Computer Network Management and Support Services

Outsourcing your IT problems is very common today.  Trying to fix your IT problems can be a time-consuming job.  You need that time to run your own business.  There are many hardware/software upgrades, patches, and the "Tech Tasks" never end.  You need occasional

Mobile computer repair Services ..... OnSite repair services

We offer major and minor repairs for desktops, laptops, all-in-one, printers, etc.  There are a thousand situations we have resolved.  All work orders begin with a "Free Diagnosis and Consultation" to determine the problems. Our repairs include hard drives and motherboards, 

Internet problems, Hardware upgrades, and Software upgrades

We can upgrade your older version of Windows at a price you afford. We can also upgrade your memory and your hard drive to improve your computer’s performance and increase your work production. All upgrades come with a Parts and Labor warranty

SALES: Up to 40% Off Computers. We arrange Wholesale Purchases

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In today’s tech world, computer network maintenance and security are absolutely  necessary!  Technical changes are always evolving.  We manage your technical needs for you so that you can stay focused on the core needs of your business! We help keep you stay current with today’s fast changing world of Technologies. Take advantage of our Free Diagnosis and Consultations today.  Call/Text us at 404-604-8561, or, email us at: .

We Get the Results You Want!

Our Pricing is Simple

  • We do not charge you by the hour.  We charge you one "Flat-rate Price".  That price covers all the parts and labor needed to complete the work discovered in the "Free Diagnosis".  Our contract will detail the problems, the solutions, the costs, and the estimated time needed to complete the job.
  • After the work begins, the customer will be notified if we discover any unforseen repairs that may be needed.  This rarely happens.  We do require your approval before we continue with the work.
  • All contracts automatically receive a Parts and Labor Warranty, in writing.
  • After the work is completed, we require the customer to inspect the work, before we leave, for your satisfaction.  Thank you!

One More Reminder ...

We make doing business with us simple! Take advantage of our Free Diagnosis and Consultation Today! Call or text us at: 404-604-8561. Email: .