Our Free Diagnosis/Consultation

Our "Free Diagnosis" lets us check your computer to determine:

  • What are the problems,
  • What are the solutions,
  • What are the costs, and,
  • Should we do the repair.

Our "Free Consultation" lets us discuss the solutions and problems with you.  We look forward to discussing all of your concerns!

Our Parts and Labor Warranty

Every work order includes a Parts and Labor Warranty. If you have any issues with our completed work, please allow us to be the first to review the problems with you so that we can fix them to your satisfaction.  We take great pride in our work.  We call it our "WOW" factor.  We want you to be so impressed, that you will also say "WOW".  Try us out on one of your work orders so we can give you the same reaction!

Our Skillsets and Qualifications

We have over 20 years in this industry diagnosing computers and building websites.  Every year there is something new to learn.  From the latest virus, to the latest apps, to the latest software and hardware releases.  We update with the latest technologies.  We also constantly look ahead into the future to see what new changes are coming around the corner.

Our Diagnosis & Consultations are based on Honesty & Integrity!

We have a reputation for honesty and integrity about the diagnosis we perform on your computers.  Our intent is to never misled our customers.  We never take advantage of our customer's unfamiliarity with technology.  We choose to educate our customers so that they can make informed, educated decisions about expenditures regarding computer repairs, internet services, and technology products. 

DR J COMPUTER SOLUTIONS is a community-oriented technology company.  We are dedicated to offering world-class services to our urban and suburban communities.  There are few stores in the urban areas.  We do our best to fill those needs.  We have added more services to our portfolio such as Website Design/Maintenance and Mobile Repair services.  So always remember Our Slogan: "A Name You can Trust because We Get Results"!  We look forward to talking with you soon. 


Our Vision and Philosophy

Our Mission is to tutor our customers so that they make informed, educated decisions about computer expenditures, the internet, and technology.  We also follow-up with support services provided via phone, text, email, and our website.  Our website is designed to help educate our clients about technologies that affect you, your business, and your families.

Our Goal is to "Fix it Right the First Time so that we Do Not have to Return a Second Time!"  We have 20+ years of diagnosing and repairing computers behind us.  It has been personally rewarding to have helped so many people over the years to solve their technology problems and issues.  Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us, and, have a fantastic day!

Next Steps...

If you have comments or questions regarding the information on this page, please share them with us.  Click the button and email to us what we can do for you.  We would love to hear from you.  We will respond asap.  Or, you can call us at 404-604-8561 (ask for Jay).